Lightning Arrestors

  ESE lightnig protection systems :

Lightning causes more casualties and property damage than any other weather related event. It has been observed that it's the most neglected area in most of the facilities and buildings . Atharva provides a complete solution for the Lightning protection with worlds best ESE lightning terminals, lightning counters and the earthing systems to make it a complete solution. Silent features Only one down conductor required The lightning strokes can be counted Lightning protection systems with various protection levels are available. Can replace many Franklin rods with a single terminal
Reduces installation time and money

  Lightning / Natural Phenomenon :
Lightning is a natural phenomenon which occurs in a violent and unpredictable way and is very recurrent in some areas of the planet. Although it contributes to the electric stability of the earth, its effects are devastating.

  Consequences :
It causes billionseuros of loss to the economy of a country, and lightning creates thousands of deaths and serious injuries.

  Solution: The Ioniflash :

Research efforts at France paratonnerres have headed to the development and improvement of its technology by the achievement of the E.S.E. (early streamer emission) IONIFLASH MACH® (patented). The efficiency of the IONFLASH MACH® has been demonstrated even after several lightning strikes on it.

  The Principle :
Ioniflash Mach® protects against all lightning strikes, positive or negative, by activation of the internal system released by atmospheric induction.

The ionization created at the coaxial spark gap top by generation of electric arcs, in a fraction of a second, increases the conductivity of the air and the speed of the propagation of the upward leader.

Being propagated towards the cloud, this discharge, generates an electric field which inflects the effect of the downward lightning stream leader, until the lightning strikes with neutralization by the IONIFLASH MACH® device.

  A technology with proven results :

  Guaranted 5 Years

  Conform to the national norms NFC 17-102, UNE 21186-capture system conform to the norms EN 50-164,
    As prescribed in the norm EN 62305. 100% Recyclable, Excellent Carbon Impact

  No fragile component, excellent resistance to corrosion even in extreme climatic conditions (Under norm

  Easy to install

  Laboratory tests :

1996 Laboratory of Very High Voltage of University of Pau : Fundamental research carried out over 3 months focusing on different ESE air terminal systems.

2004 SHANGAI JIAO TONG University/China : Tests of performances of IONIFLASH according to the NF C 17-102 standard. Results validated by High Voltage Laboratory of University under Report No00.4003 dtd 10.08.04

2009 Laboratory of Very High Voltage of University of Pau : Homologation of the IONIFLASH MACH 60, in conformity with the NF C 17-102 standard of 01/2009.

2009 Laboratory Ampere CNRS (*) of LYON. (*) National scientific research center

The test on IONIFLASH MACH have demonstrated a early streamer emission superior to 60 us, and a constancy of reaction to the choes with no equal.

2010- GERAC LABORATORY (Test En 50-164-1) certificate in 100kA

The IONIFLASH MACH accelerates in a significative and controle way beside other ESE, the generation of the germ electron, precursor of the upward leader. The lightning strokes in waves 10/350 us at 100kA, have shown an excellent mechanic and electric behavior of the IONIFLASH MACH, with a perfect flow of lightning

  Performances registered in situ :
1988 - FRANCE TELECOM : An on-site comparative test, during one year, has been carried out between our IONIFLASH and a simple rod, on a FRANCE TELECOM pylon.

In one year, 7 lightning strikes occurred on our IONIFLASH, and none on the simple rod, of the same height.

M.Damour. Contribution to the debate on efficiency of ionisating air terminals, Electricity General Review RGE No7/91, pp 14-17.

2009- Test in situ under process

        Earthing systems

Our earthing systems consists of an electrode and the back fill compound, We offer electrodes in the following types and finishes

  pipe in Pipe

  Zink Coated

  Copper coated

  GI coated

  completely copper

  alloy coated

  Molecularly bounded copper coated (As per UL standards)

        Backfill Compound

Another important aspect of the earthing system is the backfill compound, Back fill compound which enhances the conductivity of the soil around the electrode. It is a specially developed compound for having quality of highly conduciveness, non corrosiveness, moisture absorbing & retaining for a longer time. It reduces the soil resistivity; it helps in faster dissipation of fault current, least fluctuation of OHMIC value without the use of Salt. Charcoal etc. around the earthing electrode.